• We didn’t groan when we saw the Yellow Pages at the end of the driveway.
• We enjoyed speaking to telemarketers.
• We liked getting stuff in the mail.

Before there was Google….

  • We liked going to trade shows, standing in trade show booths, hoping people would come by, talk to us and ask us about our stuff.

Before there was Google…

  • We invested in networking and “doing lunch” was an accepted business expense.

But now there is Google and the things we did before should find their way online.

Spend 45 seconds on this exercise:

1. Write down all of the things you do today to find new customers.
2. Check off the ones that could be supported by your website, email marketing program or social media.
3. Calculate the time spent on each activity, the cost and the leads you get from it.
4. Now circle the most productive.

Whatever your most productive activity (and I bet its referrals), think about ways you could support this activity online. By doing this, here is what you could be doing for your business….

  • Allowing people you didn’t know were looking for a solution to find your site/online presence and start the buying process even before you know they exist
  • Network while you sleep as people are looking you up on places like Linked In, etc.
  • Nurture relationships over time. Tradeshows and networking events are a place to “gather cards”. An online presence is a place to gather followers and build them over time. Not just once a year.

Before there was Google, business owners in the B2B sector would say things like, “I will never sell my products or services on the internet.” As a result, they never thought of their website as anything more than an online brochure. Those days are over. Google is the most powerful tool we have to look up anything, anywhere at any time.

Before there was Google you could ignore a strong online presence for your business. Now you can’t.