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CRM Dynamics is one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners in Canada. They are a Microsoft Gold certified partner, a member of the 2019/2020 Microsoft Inner Circle for Business Applications and a winner of the 2019 Microsoft Canada Business Applications Impact Award.

Sometimes Leaders Need a Coach

As CRM Dynamics was taking the integration world by storm, they noticed that their website was not generating quality leads. They used referrals and face-to-face selling to build pipeline. They studied websites in the marketplace and realized their own website was not generating the activity they wanted.

How the Marketing CoPilot Quick Start Plan Helped CRM Dynamics Improve their Website Conversion Strategy

The Quick Start Plan is a structured framework to analyze existing data, document buyer personas and the buyer journey and set up a website conversion strategy that will improve online lead generation.

Getting Started

The CRM Dynamics website lacked clarity, a well articulated value proposition and an obvious Call-to-Action.

The Marketing CoPilot team conducted a Value Proposition Workshop with CRM Dynamics leadership to review value vectors, define the offer and differentiate the company in the market. There are over 7,000 Microsoft Integrators in North America. CRM Dynamics wanted to stand out. The results of the Value Proposition Workshop was a differentiated value statement and theme that could be applied to the website to guide the conversion strategy.

Creating the Right Conversion Strategy

With the right message and content theme under their belt, the Marketing CoPilot team developed a keyword strategy and built a content plan complete with new conversion tools and tactics for the website. This process was then mapped into the WordPress site and new content was developed that helped guide a buyer through the process of why they would select CRM Dynamics over the many other options available to them in the marketplace.

Critical Conversation

Throughout the process, the management team was not always onside with the strategy. There were questions about how new products and services would fit into the theme and message and if the message would attract the right leads for the business. The Marketing CoPilot team was able to guide the CRM Dynamics Marketing Team through a testing protocol to prove the power of the strategy. In the end, lead generation rose by 150% and because there was a plan with content, process, and metrics to track, it became apparent to the management team that the strategy was the way forward. Sometimes you need to test. When you have a framework to follow, you are not guessing but in the ever-changing business environment we find ourselves, clarity and credibility of message and content wins every time.

Transitioning from traditional B2B selling to digital lead generation is a journey. A guide is often required on the road to lead management success.

The Final Word

Marie and the team at Marketing CoPilot know their stuff. They not only helped us develop our Content Marketing Playbook, but they provide their thought leadership so we can help customers understand how to use and monetize marketing automation tools. With new tools coming online for Dynamics, it’s important to have copilots on deck to figure out the plan, tools and execution.

Rob Triggs

VP Sales and Marketing, CRM Dynamics

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