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Five crucial questions you need to consider before you redesign your website

Crucial questions you need to consider before you redesign your website. 1. What pages are we deleting?, 2. What URLs are we redirecting the deleted page URLs to?, 3. What keywords do the deleted pages get search engine referrals for and how many does each get?, 4. What pages will have their prominence within the site hierarchy change?, 5. How is the site architecture changing? Did the page go from being a main navigation tab to a sub navigation tab?

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Five steps to a better performing website

You’ve spent hours and lots of money on your website, but does it perform? If we had a dollar for every business owner who came to us with a “broken website”, we could quit our jobs as B2B content marketing consultants. There are lots of bad websites on the “interweb” and lots of unhappy business owners who just aren’t seeing sales results from their websites. If you don’t get five out of five on this audit, maybe it’s time to build a B2B content marketing strategy for your company to improve your online sales conversation.

The truth about marketing automation

Marketing automation is not a new concept. There have been lots of tools that companies have been using over the years to perform the same function as a modern-day marketing automation tool.

Before you jump on the marketing automation band wagon, make sure you have: 1. A defined lead nurturing process identified, 2. Good content, 3. And time, time to manage it properly and learn from the data you are collecting about visitors and leads on your website.

If you don’t have these things, the best marketing automation tool in the world will not help you. Avoid the hype of the latest marketing automation technology trend and get the basics right.