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In this week’s podcast episode we talk to Jason Connell, Founder of Ignited Leadership, about his experience as an entrepreneur. Jason grew up as a child entertainer and professional magician. He took his earnings from his first business and parlayed it into educational travel and social awareness. He then developed a very successful professional speaking practice earning a six figure salary and presenting to influential audiences across the United States. But he soon discovered neither of these businesses were the right fit despite their success.

Listen in as Jason explains why he is happy in his business today as a coach for people growing their own professional speaking practice and how he continues to succeed online and offline doing what he truly loves.

Jason shares four very important points about online marketing and entrepreneurship:

  • The journey is iterative
  • You have to do the work
  • Be consistent
  • Be human

About Jason

Jason Connell helps emerging speakers build six figure businesses. When he’s not doing that, he’s writing about self-love, awareness, and mental health at Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.