Discovering your Value Proposition

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In this week’s podcast episode we talk to Ray Simmons. Ray is the President of Darcor Limted and a seasoned entrepreneur, business leader and technical expert. He discusses the power of content marketing, what it has done for his business and some of the challenges running an “80-year old start up.” Ray discusses the challenges of rationalizing a product set, getting everyone to focus and betting on your value.

In this episode Ray shares what discovering a powerful Value Proposition has meant for his business and how it:

  • Changes the sales conversation
  • Helps you stand out
  • Helps you simplify everything you do
  • Helps your customer understand why they should choose you

For other CEOs considering content marketing and an inbound strategy for their business he has solid advice:

  1. Understand how you fit into the global landscape competitively
  2. How to craft your value proposition
  3. Why you need to live it every day

Extra Bonuses for our listeners – Value Proposition Workbook and Darcor Case study

About Ray Simmons

Raymond Simmons is the President of Darcor Limited, a manufacturer of casters and wheels located in Toronto, Canada and serves as Vice-President of the Institute of Casters and Wheels Manufacturers (Charlotte, NC). Prior to joining Darcor, Raymond was President of CableTest Systems Inc. (Markham, Ontario), founder and President/CEO of CRS Robotics Corporation (Burlington, Ontario), President of ISRA Systemtechnik GmbH (Darmstadt, Germany) and Chairman of Wilson Laboratories Ltd. (Dundas, Ontario).

Raymond serves on the Board of Governors of Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario.  His community involvement has also included roles for MARS Discovery District (Toronto, Ontario),
Ontario Aerospace Council, York Technology Alliance (Markham, Ontario), Industrial-Education Council (Hamilton, Ontario), Burlington Community Development Corporation, Robotics Industry Association (Ann Arbor, MI), Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and Services – Sectoral Advisory Group for International Trade (Ottawa, Ontario), member of the Mohawk College Electronics Engineering Advisory Board (Hamilton, Ontario), and the Mayor’s Business Development Advisory Board (Burlington, Ontario).

Raymond was awarded the 2012 York Technology Alliance Community Builder Award, the 1996 Premier’s Award for outstanding graduate from a Technology program and the 1996 Mohawk College Alumni of Distinction Award for Technology.

Raymond resides in Markham, Ontario with his wife Tamara, and their children Christian and Sophie.

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