In this week’s episode of Women Talk Tech, our guest is Kim Benedict, the CEO & Co-founder of TalentMinded – the first subscription-based, full-service talent acquisition solutions company in Canada. She explores the impact good recruitment can have on an organization’s ability to build a profitable team in tech sales.

Kim’s experience has opened her eyes to better-recruiting solutions as opposed to the traditional framework, because it often excludes women.While describing recruitment as an art and science, Kim urges businesses to focus more on their recruitment process in this episode. She provides insight into how adapting job descriptions and the interview process to be more inclusive can increase applicants’ diversity.

“There are all these little barriers that we put up around our process, and criteria for hiring that we don’t recognize are actually turning women away. I believe that companies simply just need to try harder” – Kim Benedict

Only about 25% of women are currently holding tech jobs. Our 2020 Action Plan Report found one reason for this gap is a result of poor recruiting practices. Research has shown that the tech sector tends to be classified as a masculine career field and these stereotypes often discourage women from applying for tech jobs.

Kim founded the Women in Tech Sales Bootcamp because she is passionate about combatting stereotypes about women working in sales. This event offers women support and access to quality sales training, mentoring, and coaching. She discusses the importance of recruiting events because they provide women with more confidence in their sales skills.

Be sure to tune in, and in case you missed it, Women Talk Tech has launched a 2020 Action Plan Report. Download this report to help develop a program in your organization to advance women.

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Kim Benedict is the CEO and Co-Founder of TalentMinded – the first subscription-based, full-service talent acquisition company in Canada. As a senior executive and entrepreneur, she has worked with clients from Fortune 500 firms to start-ups.

Kim is passionate about how companies acquire talent as part of their business strategy and driving profitable growth. Her mission is to help companies meet their business goals by improving their approach to acquiring the right talent.

Kim has created several high impact, diversity events, and programs, including Women in Tech Sales Bootcamp and the Mentor Meetup. These programs work as ways to give back and develop talent in the Toronto tech ecosystem.

You can follow Kim on LinkedIn.