Creating the right user experience

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In this week’s podcast episode we talk to Tedde Van Gelderen, President of Akendi, a user experience design company who help people make their products and services better for the user. Have you ever interacted with a website or a product and thought, “who designed this?” because it’s not intuitive and it made no sense. Likely the user experience was not well thought out. Tedde and his company Akendi want to change this and create better user experiences.

It is important to remember you are not designing for yourself. You need to get your users involved in the process if you want to succeed.

Listen in as Tedde shares one of the organizations who is doing a good job today of user experience – you’ll be surprised at who he mentions. He’ll also explain three solid tips for creating better experiences:

  1. Get out of the office – see what is really happening when your customers try to use a product or service
  2. Don’t be afraid to fail – when you create things for other people, trial and error is important.
  3. Give yourself time to let it sink in – your first approach is not always the best so you need to sit with it for awhile

Learn more about your user’s experience with your brand by filling out the customer scorecard here.

About Tedde Van Gelderen

Tedde van Gelderen infuses Akendi, its services and methodology with his drive to make customer and user experiences go beyond a singular product or service. The Experience Thinking approach starts with the holistic experience customers and users have with an organization over time, then guides the enabling technologies and content to create intentional experiences. In his view, Experience Thinking should become deeply rooted in organization’s creation processes to create awesome experiences sooner and more often.

Prior to founding Akendi, Tedde was a founding partner of Maskery & Associates in 2001. He has worked for companies including Nortel Networks in Canada, KPMG Management Consulting and Philips Design in the Netherlands. Tedde has more than 25 years in user research and experience design in both public and private sectors.

For more about Tedde connect with him on LinkedIn or follow Akendi on Twitter.