Agencies have a new SEO platform to take the manual labor out of organic search engine optimization for their clients

gShift Labs, creators of web-based software that enables a consistent and repeatable approach to optimizing the organic search results of a website, announced today that Marketing CoPilot Inc., a marketing consulting company that specializes in building online strategies for business owners and MH Connect, a communications company specializing in marketing, public relations and interactive programs, have signed on as clients of gShift Labs to improve SEO results for their clients.

“gShift’s vision is to change the way people think of and perform organic search optimization,” said gShift Co-founder Krista LaRiviere. “We have spent many years watching marketers do the heavy lifting of manually implementing SEO for their clients. gShift Labs has developed and patented a new way to automate the SEO process that will dramatically improve the optimization effort and results in one easy-to-use software platform.”

“All of my clients agree that first page organic search rankings improve business results,” said Marie Wiese, President of Marketing CoPilot. “But they don’t want to spend a fortune on professional services in order to manually tie together web analytic tools, social media tools and content management. Until now, it was time consuming and clients had to pay for the time it took to manually string it all together. gShift has changed that. Now I have an automated tool that analyzes, tracks and reports and give me important recommendations to help me drive traffic to a client’s website.”

There are a variety of tactics and best practices that are used by SEO professionals to improve organic search results. They are time consuming, complicated and require tying together a number of publicly available tools. gShift Labs has developed a new way to put all tactics into one spot. Less time can be spent on “figuring out SEO” and more time can be spent on building the right content and tactics to deliver traffic to a web site.  This is an important concept for any agency who wants to demonstrate results for their clients.

“75% of searchers click on organic results versus paid results,” said Marc Hill, Principal at MH Connect. “No matter what an agency offers to clients, SEO has to be part of the communication solution. But I don’t want to ask my clients to invest in SEO expertise. Instead I want to execute activities and show them results. gShift Labs’ Web Presence Optimizer™ saves me time and allows me to serve more clients.”

gShift Labs is looking for marketers or marketing agencies that are frustrated with the level of effort required to support their current SEO strategy and want to simplify the process and achieve better organic search results for their web presence..

About gShift Labs
The team at gShift has grown up with the internet and recognizes the tremendous importance that a web presence plays in today’s business strategy. gShift Lab’s SEO platform, Web Presence OptimizerTM eliminates the complexity that surrounds search engine optimization techniques and strategies and standardizes it with a simple software tool that improves web rankings. gShift Lab’s software simplifies, demystifies and standardizes the way your website gets found on the internet to reduce the time and resource commitment necessary to perform, report, analyze and improve search engine optimization.

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