Toronto Keyword Strategy Workshop Marie Wiese Marketing CoPilot

Marie Wiese,
Founder & President, Marketing CoPilot

Last week, we were excited to present our Killer Keyword Strategy Workshop. We had some great participants in attendance from varied B2B companies. We presented Marketing CoPilot’s keyword strategy development process and walked attendees through some work sheets to start them on the path towards understanding the importance of a keyword strategy for their web presence and the steps and tools they need.

We had some great questions throughout the session and Marie and I had the opportunity after the workshop to speak with the participants personally and address some specific questions.

Toronto Keyword Strategy Workshop Maureen Thorne Marketing CoPilot

Maureen Thorne,
Senior Virtual Marketing Manager, Marketing CoPilot

Here are some of the top challenges and questions the B2B company participants had about their web presence and some answers:

Can I really generate leads through my website?

Absolutely. Marketing CoPilot’s methodology has proven time and time again that driving prospects to your web presence can be a reality. Our methodology focuses on identifying your goals, understanding your ideal prospect and delivering the right content to them at the right time in the buying cycle.

Check out the Find Customers, Keep Customers Process Wheel to get the complete picture of our web presence philosophy.

Also, check out our recent blog post: Your B2B Website Really Can Drive Leads.

What platform should I use to develop my B2B website?

We are huge fans of WordPress as an easy-to-use platform for developing your website for so many reasons. WordPress has an easy-to-use interface which allows the technically-challenged to publish and modify website content. WordPress also has an incredible selection of plug-ins and add ons that make it easy to expand your website’s capabilities including some incredible SEO plug-ins which make it easy to optimize and assess your content for SEO value. WordPress offers design themes that allow you to get your site looking the way you want in an affordable solution.

For a  complete understanding of why WordPress is so amazing, read our blog Why do we use WordPress?

How do I get buy-in from the CEO to invest in our B2B web presence?

We truly believe that your web presence can be your company’s best performing sales team member. Once a CEO understands how the right web presence can drive leads, they will  be able to envision the company’s B2B website as part of the sales team  whose success can be tracked and ROI measured. We believe this is an important topic and will be exploring this area further in a future blog.

Thank you!

We would like to thank you for making our Killer Keyword Workshop a success and for your participation and great insight and questions.

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