Marketing Sherpa Lead Gen Summit 2013

Marketing Sherpa Lead Gen Summit 2013

I am very excited about presenting at the Marketing Sherpa Lead Gen Summit 2013 in San Francisco next week. I am on the roster to discuss lead nurturing and how a strong keyword strategy supports the lead nurturing process.

In digging into this topic to find supporting data for this presentation, the team at Marketing CoPilot came across some interesting revelations about sales-driven keywords versus data-driven keywords. Many people who read our blog on a regular basis and have been through a Marketing CoPilot Value Proposition Workshop, understand that content developed from the perspective of your buyers’ business issues, and not from the perspective of your product, engage prospective customers in terms of higher click thru rates and longer time on page.

Next week we will be sharing our presentation and our data. I think you’ll see some interesting results. Of course, the best one that we explain on all of our keyword workshops, is that until you develop a list based on buyer and test it, you don’t know what your best keywords are yet.

We are looking forward to sharing our results with more than 1,000 marketers from across North America and hearing from them how they tackle lead nurturing programs in their B2B companies.

If you happen to be at the conference next week, drop by the:

Grand Hyatt San Fransisco at 3:00PM on Wednesday October 2.

I’ll save a seat for you!