the new rules of sellingBuyers are in charge of relationships with companies they choose to do business with.

Recently, a client shared a link to a presentation on SlideShare that had me doing cartwheels in the office. David Meerman Scott’s, The New Rules of Selling, is a testament to the Marketing CoPilot methodology. We have been saying for a long time that buyer behaviour has changed: buyers are in control of the sales process, not sales people. And your website is the first stop for any buyer in the buyer journey.

In the days before real-time online communications, David Meerman Scott’s argument goes like this…

  • It was very difficult for buyers to find independent information about products or services that interested them
  • There was no easy way for unhappy customers to voice disapproval of a company in public
  • Both buyers and existing customers could not communicate instantly with companies they did business with
  • Customers had little say in the products and services they wanted to buy

People hate to be “sold to” but in the old days they had no choice, now they do.

The importance of content marketing today

You are what you publish on the web! Content is the link between companies and customers.

You can run away from this statement or you can embrace it. A well-researched and executed content marketing program that shares how people tackle problems and communicates, educates and teaches is what the buyer of a complex solution is looking for today. And they start online trying to understand who does the best job of explaining how they can help.

And what do seasoned sales professionals have to say?

We conducted a video interview with two seasoned sales professionals, Jim Barnet, VP of Sales and Marketing at Promys and Andrew Ford, President of Sales CoPilot, who have embraced the New Rules of Selling and applied this logic to their sales and marketing programs.

We call it “Confessions of a Sales Professional.” You’ll call it enlightening if you are trying to convince your boss or sales and marketing team that the times they are a changing!

Question 1: What used to be your method to sales and marketing?

Question 2: What did you do after you realized the change in buyer behaviour?

Question 3: What did you change in your sales and marketing that made you successful?

If you agree that buyer behaviour has changed, you need our Content Marketing Workbook to help you create a marketing strategy in the new rules of selling.