Quick Start Plan


If you want your web presence to start the sales process and increase revenue, this is your flight path to success without a long-term commitment.

How does it work?


Week 1: Assess the data in analytics and the results of your current digital tactics. We review your sales results against lead generation goals, analyze competitors and create a list of recommendations that will improve website conversion, immediately.


Week 2: After you submit customer scorecard information, we conduct a 3-hour workshop with your sales and marketing team to confirm your messaging, document your buyer personas and confirm how your ideal customer purchases your product or service. We document the content and process they need to shortlist your company.


Week 3 & 4: The Marketing CoPilot Team develops and presents a comprehensive plan with messaging, content themes and conversion strategy. We include keyword data, digital tactics and an editorial calendar to apply to your website and marketing automation system to enable your digital lead generation success.


What are the deliverables?

Your success plan will include:

  • The results of our assessment of your current digital state and competitor analysis
  • A clearly stated value proposition and content theme applied to your website
  • Documented buyer personas and the buyer journey path required for lead generation on your website and digital tactics
  • A conversion strategy and content plan with supporting keyword research
  • A series of prioritized digital tactics for you to execute over 12 months that are clearly mapped to the Awareness, Consideration and Conversion stages of your ideal buyer

How long does it take?

Our Quick Start Plan is meant to take 4 weeks to get you the plan you need to improve lead generation and digital marketing success. Sometimes, due to lag times getting system access, chasing client homework or scheduling people for workshops, it might take slightly longer. Our process is meant to deliver in 4 weeks. Your team helps us make that happen.

What happens after the Quick Start Plan?

Now comes the fun part! You get to execute the plan or we can help you do that too. We work in three different ways with our clients:

1. Do it for you: You require marketing resources to enhance your website and execute digital marketing tactics from web design and development to content writing, blogging and email marketing. We create a project plan following the QSP and deliver services for monthly fee starting at $5,000 across12 months.

2. Do it with you: You have a marketing manager, web developer or designer who needs project management support and help with the tactics, strategy and reporting. We offer support for this starting at $2,500 per month across 6 months.

3. Coach your team: You have a full compliment marketing team but require an outside set of eyes to help coach on the strategy and best practices. We do this starting at $1,500 per month across 3 months with the option to extend month-to-month.

Who is involved?

We recommend involving the CEO, head of sales, marketing and customer service. We are looking for the best insights possible about your best customers, why they choose you and how they purchase your product or service. We use this information to create a clear buyer journey and conversion strategy you can apply to your website to improve lead generation results.

How is it different from what we have done before?

If your website is not generating qualified leads for your sales team and revenue, chances are, it’s completely different than what you have done before. The Quick Start Plan is based on a methodology guaranteed to improve your digital lead generation results.

What Does it Cost?

The Quick Start Plan is $10,000 (USD) made in two easy payments over 4 weeks. Additional fees may be incurred based on the number of buyer personas you are selling to and the number of products or services you sell as a business. Most people we work fit into the $10,000 price point.

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