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How to handle criticism personally and digitally

When I talk to business leaders about whether their digital marketing strategy is performing, I sometimes get the same emotional response:

Anger because they have spent money on digital marketing but they don’t understand what they got for their money.

Disappointment because they have to confront the reality that they don’t know what their digital marketing goals should have been.

Frustration because they don’t know what to do next.

Three Different Types of Buyer Personas

3 Buyer personas who need better content from you right now

Whom are you writing for? We discovered there are three very specific types of buyer personas who need content during the business-to-business sales process. The financial persona, sales persona and the technical persona. Each of these personas have very specific content needs during the sales process. And when properly understood, you can turn the teaching strategy of content marketing to your advantage to gain trust and support from each of these types of buyers.

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If search isn’t part of your sales process, you’re missing out

When a prospect is in the search phase of the buying process, they are looking for a solution to a problem or an enhancement to the way they run their business. Gone are the days when during this search phase they would immediately pick up the phone and start calling different vendors to shop around. Nowadays, the prospect will either ask someone for advice and then conduct an online search or just jump right into an online search.

The 3 Biggest Challenges to Developing a Content Marketing Plan and 7 Steps to Address Them

At our Content Marketing Workshop, the 3 most common content marketing challenges we heard from participants were: how to uncover customer-centric content as opposed to product-centric content, sharing the content development burden across the organization and analyzing who engages with your content and how that helps them through the buying process.
Here are the Marketing CoPilot 7-steps for content marketing success: