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How do I use Google URL builder to track content marketing campaigns?

You’ve been worked hard to put together a marketing plan and content strategy. You have been busy creating content and distributing marketing campaigns through various channels and you have seen an increase in visits to your website. But, where are these people coming from and which channels are performing best? Google URL builder allows you to test content and see where your traffic and conversions are coming from to measure your content marketing performance.

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4 Steps to show your CEO that your content marketing is working

You worked hard to convince your CEO that content marketing is worth the investment. You quoted articles, pulled statistics and presented industry best practices and you were bequeathed a content marketing budget. You know that the first question the CEO will ask at every meeting going forward is: So, how is that content marketing going? And you are going to need an answer. Here are 4 simple steps to show your CEO that your content marketing is working.