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How to get your internal team on-board to produce quality content

Create an army of content creators to fuel your sales pipeline. The truth is, with the internal subject-matter experts on-board to develop great, useful, original content, you will be creating an army of content marketers that will be able to write on any subject that is going to be interesting, compelling or exciting for your current customers and prospects. In turn, you will be viewed as subject-matter experts and prospects will come to you when they are further down the buying process, which fuels your sales pipeline. An investment in time, effort and budget to create that army of content marketing writers is an investment in building your sales funnel.

The 3 Biggest Challenges to Developing a Content Marketing Plan and 7 Steps to Address Them

At our Content Marketing Workshop, the 3 most common content marketing challenges we heard from participants were: how to uncover customer-centric content as opposed to product-centric content, sharing the content development burden across the organization and analyzing who engages with your content and how that helps them through the buying process.
Here are the Marketing CoPilot 7-steps for content marketing success: