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How to recommend Inbound Marketing to management

As soon as December 1st arrives, I get reflective. I look back on the year and think about all of the great client projects we were grateful to be part of. This year in particular we collaborated with our clients to work on some tough assignments. With more and more channels popping up online, stiff competition for attention and a more complex level of effort to develop good content, there is no shortage of challenges. We believe that if we are tackling these challenges, you may be too so, we wanted to share our top three for 2015.

How to use Original vs. Curated Content

Content marketing strategies are easier said than done. While everyone knows and understands the importance of them, putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) can sometimes be the hardest part. Even though you’ve created an editorial calendar, done your research and have a small outline and jist of what you want your audience to read, actually creating content is hard and time consuming. Creating original content no longer has to be the only way you put out a blog post. Curated content is just as relevant to your buyer as original content but takes about half the time to create.