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What you need to consider before implementing marketing automation in your business

B2B businesses are increasingly feeling the pressure to adopt new technology in all areas of their business to increase sales and improve profitability. Marketing is one area in particular which sees exponential growth in availability of technology tools to help businesses thrive. In order to manage marketing data and processes from multiple digital marketing channels, more B2B marketers are sourcing and implementing marketing automation to manage marketing complexity. But, beware of jumping into marketing automation without asking yourself the right questions first. Otherwise, you could experience a failed marketing automation tool implementation and flush your investment down the toilet.

The truth about marketing automation

Marketing automation is not a new concept. There have been lots of tools that companies have been using over the years to perform the same function as a modern-day marketing automation tool.

Before you jump on the marketing automation band wagon, make sure you have: 1. A defined lead nurturing process identified, 2. Good content, 3. And time, time to manage it properly and learn from the data you are collecting about visitors and leads on your website.

If you don’t have these things, the best marketing automation tool in the world will not help you. Avoid the hype of the latest marketing automation technology trend and get the basics right.