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Why do we settle for good enough?

The human psyche is a delicate place. We trick ourselves into thinking we want or don’t want something. We go back and forth on options and for the most part we settle. Sometimes we settle because something is too hard, costs too much or is beyond our skill level. But in the end, the result is generally the same. We settled. Why don’t we try to achiever great?

How to ignore Vanity Metrics by focusing on your Value Proposition

How Focusing on Your Value Proposition Keeps You Honest. A value proposition is the primary reason people buy from you — it’s the secret sauce that makes your business, product, or service unique. Businesses that align their marketing to their value proposition are only reaching out to people who have a reason to buy their product. Their vanity metrics won’t be as pumped up as they could be, but they’ll have something that matters way more: conversions.

B2B Social Selling webinar – Join us on July 27th

On July 27th, Marie Wiese and two of her fellow Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) Business Council members will be conducting a one hour B2B Social Selling Best Practices webinar that will cover:

What is social selling and why do you need it?
Best practices for launching a social selling program in your company.
Tools you can use to support your social selling activity.