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How much does a website really cost?

Even if you are a business that doesn’t have sales people, support staff or marketing material, there is still a hard cost to selling something. The things you are doing today to support the sale of your product or service can be supported more effectively with a well-organized website and detailed digital marketing strategy. Therefore, if you knew a tool like your website was being used to start the sales process with your company, how much would you spend on your website? Continue reading to find out…

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The problem with the internet

The internet has changed everything. There is not a business or industry today that has not been impacted by a disruption caused by the internet. The internet allows us to do things we have never been able to do before. At Marketing CoPilot we have been studying the patterns of content and content marketing that have slowly started to build since Google changed their algorithms roughly 24 months ago to act in favour of the human being – not the machine – with respect to search engine rankings. Discover what the real problem with the internet is for businesses.

content strategy mole whacking

Is mole whacking your content strategy?

Many lawn enthusiasts will attest to the damage that moles cause. Just a series of unconnected and disruptive tunnels that leave the lawn owner feeling violated. Make it your job as a content marketer to give up mole whacking and start grub hunting. In order to leave mole whacking behind, you have to commit to a new process: One that takes time to document and understand what your buyer cares about. Here are 6 easy steps to give up mole whacking for good.

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Is your business ready for Content Marketing?

We have created this handy infographic to help you and members of your management team decide if you need content marketing for your business. Before you contact a content marketing agency or writer, or launch your next website, it’s important to ask these questions. Continue reading to download the content marketing scorecard inforgraphic.

fine line between what you want and what your customer wants

The fine line between what you care about and what your customers want

Henry Ford said, “if you ask customers what they want, they would say a faster horse.” Customers see the world through what they think is their problem and they seek people, ideas and content to help them understand ways to solve it. So if you are in a company today selling something new or different, or even something that has been around for 30 years, there is a very delicate balance that needs to be achieved between what you want to tell people and what they want to understand. Continue reading to see how marketers amplify the problem and how we want to achieve the balance between lines.

Content Marketing an evolution or revolution?

Is Content Marketing an evolution or revolution?

I recently read an indignant post on LinkedIn from an old school marketer bemoaning the idea that content marketing is a new thing. He was thumbing his nose at colleagues who suggested that content marketing is new, arguing that it has been around since the dawn of time, and was just a fancy new label for something marketers have always done. There were many hilarious responses to this post and it made me pause. Is content marketing an evolution or revolution?

B2B Content Marketing should be the cornerstone of every B2B business in canada

Why isn’t content marketing the cornerstone of every B2B company in Canada?

We Canadians are amazing at developing products and services. Sadly, we are still quite behind in understanding how to market and sell them. So I pose this question to Canadian entrepreneurs: why isn’t good content on your agenda as the most fundamental business tactic for your company? Here is how Marketing CoPilot intends to take the first step in making B2B content marketing a gold standard for Canadian B2B companies.

content marketing world

Back to content marketing school

What we learned at Content Marketing World 2015. It’s no coincidence that Joe Pulizzi holds Content Marketing World at the same time most students across North America are heading back to school. We have a whole series of blogs planned for the Marketing CoPilot audience over the next three months based on best practices and ideas that were shared at Content Marketing World, but the presentation with the most impact for us, that we feel needs to be shared right now is this: Why a content marketing strategy is so important and how to build one. Here are 3 tips we learned about content marketing strategy.

google analytics why your opinion doesn't matter

Why your opinion doesn’t matter

It’s cute sitting in meetings with CEOs who have an opinion about why their content marketing is or is not working. Few CEOs I speak with have any idea about what is happening with their Google Analytics data. Marcus Sheridan at the Sales Lion recently sent out a very short and compelling email to his readers that made me smile. Here’s what the email said: “Our opinions, frankly, don’t matter. Seriously, they don’t, at least for the most part when it comes to building a brand and business in the digital age”. We have come up with 3 data categories you must know before you start providing opinions.