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How do I use Google URL builder to track content marketing campaigns?

You’ve been worked hard to put together a marketing plan and content strategy. You have been busy creating content and distributing marketing campaigns through various channels and you have seen an increase in visits to your website. But, where are these people coming from and which channels are performing best? Google URL builder allows you to test content and see where your traffic and conversions are coming from to measure your content marketing performance.

Content Marketing

4 Steps to show your CEO that your content marketing is working

You worked hard to convince your CEO that content marketing is worth the investment. You quoted articles, pulled statistics and presented industry best practices and you were bequeathed a content marketing budget. You know that the first question the CEO will ask at every meeting going forward is: So, how is that content marketing going? And you are going to need an answer. Here are 4 simple steps to show your CEO that your content marketing is working.

Marketing CoPilot Achieves Canadian Master Certification with Constant Contact

Marketing CoPilot, Toronto digital marketing and content marketing expert achieves one of five Master Certifications earned in Canada. To achieve this Master Certification, the highest level of Constant Contact’s Solution Provider partner education, Marketing CoPilot completed a rigorous curriculum with five levels of assessment. These assessments include a Constant Contact knowledge exam, proven customer satisfaction results, and an interview and consultation, among other significant measurements.

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If search isn’t part of your sales process, you’re missing out

When a prospect is in the search phase of the buying process, they are looking for a solution to a problem or an enhancement to the way they run their business. Gone are the days when during this search phase they would immediately pick up the phone and start calling different vendors to shop around. Nowadays, the prospect will either ask someone for advice and then conduct an online search or just jump right into an online search.

The psychology of home page design

The most common mistake that people make in home page design is leading with what you do or with an intellectual discussion of how your product or service works. Until you and a prospect share a common perspective about a particular problem they may be dealing with, you really don’t have license to speak with them, much less engage them on the home page of a website. In order for someone to engage with you about why they should take the time to understand your business and potentially buy something from you versus your competitor, you have less than a minute to attract them within their reality (not yours!). And to do this means engaging someone both emotionally and intellectually.

mobile responsiveness

Why your mobile strategy is more important than ever: Are you mobile responsive?

Being mobile responsive is no longer a nice to have, it is a must for anyone that wants to engage their audience and do well in Google rankings. Because the mobile experience is vastly different than desktop, having a mobile friendly content experience is key to maintain your user signals factors activated. How do you determine what appears on your mobile site?

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How do I set up Goals in Google Analytics?

Defining Goals in your online content marketing is a fundamental component of any digital marketing reporting. Setting up Goals allows Google Analytics to provide you with critical information to use in reporting on website conversion as well as website ROI. This information is critical in evaluating the effectiveness of your online content marketing and marketing campaigns.