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Is your website a Betty or Veronica?

I loved reading Archie comics when I was young, and now with the revival of the characters in the new Netflix series Riverdale, I am reminded of the differing personalities of Betty and Veronica. Veronica was the cartoon character that was rich and cared about money and popularity. Betty was the girl next door who helped out, obliged and genuinely wanted to be nice. Put in business terms: Veronica chased revenue. Betty was all about customer engagement.

How to close the deal without being annoying

When you’re trying too hard to close the deal, your customers will notice—and it well send them in the other direction. If you push somebody too fast and too soon because you’re trying to get something out of them, defenses go up and suspicions arise. That’s just human nature. A standard rule of thumb for success is 1 percent. If you have 100 visitors to your site, only one out of that group is going to pick up the phone and call or dash off an email to you. And if the number is zero, then you have work to do.


Are you expecting too much from your marketing team?

For most businesses, marketing is one of the hardest business functions to ‘get right’, especially in small business marketing. There are so many different ways to achieve your goals, everything you do costs time and money, and nothing is a guaranteed success. If marketing is a priority for an organization, the most important thing you can do is assemble a capable team. In an ever-changing marketplace like the one we live in today, a small business marketing team needs to have the right people, in the right positions, with the right skills to get anything done.

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Webinar: Mastering the Donor Journey in the Digital Era

As many non-profits and foundations are quickly discovering, donor behaviour of late has changed. There are too many choices and too much noise that donors have to cut through to decide where to donate their hard earned dollars. What has confused the donor journey is the internet. All of these causeways like email marketing, social media, website landing pages, donor challenges, etc, etc etc have confused and confounded how and where donors choose to give.

How to handle criticism personally and digitally

When I talk to business leaders about whether their digital marketing strategy is performing, I sometimes get the same emotional response:

Anger because they have spent money on digital marketing but they don’t understand what they got for their money.

Disappointment because they have to confront the reality that they don’t know what their digital marketing goals should have been.

Frustration because they don’t know what to do next.

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How much does a website really cost?

Even if you are a business that doesn’t have sales people, support staff or marketing material, there is still a hard cost to selling something. The things you are doing today to support the sale of your product or service can be supported more effectively with a well-organized website and detailed digital marketing strategy. Therefore, if you knew a tool like your website was being used to start the sales process with your company, how much would you spend on your website? Continue reading to find out…

2015 Digital Marketing Survey

The 2015 Digital Marketing Survey is a joint research venture initiated by Marketing CoPilot Inc. in conjunction with Georgian College Centre for Applied Research and Innovation and the National Research Council of Canada. This survey is meant to start a dialogue with Canadian business owners about the state of websites and digital marketing in Canada.

Are the websites being developed by Canadian business owners helping to improve the buying process for their customers?