Planning for Digital Lead Generation Success

UNEX Manufacturing customizes and manufacturers shelving configurations for companies that need to house products and maximize space. Their patented SpanTrak is the industry’s most efficient carton flow rack roller system. Their value proposition is designing smart space solutions that maximize the supply chain. What they do, is engineer space solutions.

The Marketing Automation Challenge

UNEX uses HubSpot as their marketing automation tool and Microsoft Dynamics as their CRM. They needed a clear conversion path on their website, a consistent content marketing strategy to drive traffic and alignment and integration between the marketing and sales teams and platforms. Activities and systems needed to be integrated and lead generation goals set for optimal tracking and measurement.

UNEX wanted to optimize their investment in marketing automation and inbound marketing.

How the Quick Start Plan Set UNEX Up for Digital Lead Generation Success

Marketing CoPilot’s understanding of the Dynamics platform was an important part to helping UNEX get better sales results from their marketing automation system. UNEX needed more than a marketing agency; they needed strategic marketers who also understood the complexity and power of the Dynamics CRM platform and what it needed to do for the sales and field service teams. Also being certified on HubSpot, meant that Marketing CoPilot could do the work to determine what data needed to stay in their marketing automation system and CRM, and what data needed to move between the two systems.

The Marketing CoPilot Team began by leading a two-day strategy workshop with key UNEX stakeholders in marketing, sales, customer service and operations. Using the Marketing CoPilot methodology, the group clarified and confirmed the UNEX value proposition, organized and documented the buyer persona hierarchy, and researched a keyword strategy that would support their content plan and themes by persona. They also documented the lead magnet for personas and the conversion strategy for the website. The pre-work, workshop and plan development was completed in 4 weeks.

Following the plan completion, Marketing CoPilot worked with the UNEX team to complete the HubSpot to Dynamics CRM data mapping, integration and website changes. The Marketing CoPilot Team developed a new lead magnet and conversion landing pages. They also worked with the team to optimize the site for the new keywords.

Creating the Right Content Improves Lead Generation Results

Content that lacks clarity or a compelling call-to-action drives poor lead generation results. Many B2B companies struggle with this challenge. They spend lots of money driving traffic to generic pages on their websites with no compelling offer or Call-to-Action.

Clearly articulating your value, offering a website visitor a compelling offer and following up with content that is buyer-centric, creates a better performing lead generation strategy. Marketing CoPilot delivered this for the UNEX Team and then stayed on board to help optimize the website, marketing automation tool and build the right content.

Marketing CoPilot recommended a cornerstone piece of content that would be available to people before they were ready to use the product configurator on the website or speak with a sales rep. As a result, the UNEX list grew by 30% in first 30 days of launching the lead magnet and over time lead generation results by 50%.

A Critical Conversation

The UNEX CEO initially connected with Marketing CoPilot by searching for marketing strategists who understood Microsoft Dynamics. The did not just want to talk to software vendors who sell software. Conversations between UNEX and Marketing CoPilot were consultative and instructive before the engagement began. Marketing CoPilot believes you recommend what is right for the business and the team using product, not just sell software.

The Final Word

The Marketing CoPilot team helped us during an important transition in our marketing program. As a Microsoft Dynamics customer. They helped us sort out the right marketing automation product for our business and build a plan with a methodology that pointed our in-house team in the right direction. After working with Marketing CoPilot, we had the right tool and path forward. Even if you are advanced digital marketers, having the right coach and plan makes all the difference in the world.

Brian Neuwirth

CEO, UNEX Manufacturing

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