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As many non-profits and foundations are quickly discovering, donor behaviour of late has changed. There are too many choices and too much noise that donors have to cut through to decide where to donate their hard earned dollars.

What has confused the donor journey is the internet. All of these causeways like email marketing, social media, website landing pages, donor challenges, etc, etc etc have confused and confounded how and where donors choose to give.

It’s time for non-profits and foundations to demystify digital marketing so that they can return to focusing on what matters: achieving targets, spending money wisely and delighting donors with the outcome of the work.

In this webinar, The Donor Journey in a Digital Era you’ll learn the three techniques that will make you lethally effective in the digital era. Using these techniques will free you from wasting time and money on empty online trends. You’ll learn how to…

  1. Define, map and optimize the donor’s digital journey. More than that, you’ll be able to create systems that make donors enthusiastic about saying, “Yes”
  2. Prioritize your digital marketing efforts (hint: it’s really not about social media)
  3. Create digital magnets that will drive more donors to your organization

This webinar is hosted by Marie Wiese, author of You Can’t Be Everywhere, a business bestseller on Amazon and Peter Evans, Co-Founder and CEO of ExpertFile.

You’ll learn how to align your organization’s strategies to reflect donor needs and behaviours. You will leave this webinar with new skills required to drive more donors to your organization regardless of the size of your team or your number of resources.

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