Buyer behavior has forever changed and the digital world continues to be an evolving landscape. Even for experts, digital marketing is confusing.

Join Marie Wiese and the CompTIA community on May 18th at 1 pm CT/2 pm ET for a webinar about Understanding Digital Marketing from a Human Perspective.

Marie will share the three techniques that will make you lethally effective in the digital age. Using these techniques will free you from wasting time and money on empty online trends.

You’ll learn:

  • The starting point for everything you do online. (Hint: It’s not about you.)
  • How to prioritize your digital marketing efforts (Hint: it’s not about social media)
  • Why you need a sound digital strategy if you want to drive more leads and sales to your business.

Using personal stories, Marie makes learning easy and entertaining. You’ll learn how a text to her husband about what to have for dinner led to buying a 1978 VW Campervan. More importantly, you’ll learn why this matters and how it’s indicative of the modern customer and the human component of what you do online to build trust and relationships.

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