People are looking for something….that’s why they call it search.

When someone lands on your website they want to immediately understand what they are looking at and how it will help them. Your website needs to help someone through this process regardless of what you sell or what you do. If you are a B-2-B company selling products or services, how are you starting the buying process on your website? Just using “about us” is not enough. It takes more than that to compete.

Here’s a handy chart to get you started…..

How do you help a prospect engage with your company?

Your website must align with the buying process of your target customer. When people are searching your website, what are they finding that helps them through their process?

Here are some “do’s” and “don’t”:

  • Do create a point on your home page that let’s them learn something about the business problem you are solving
  • Do create a conversion tool or something they can do or download to gage their interest
  • Don’t think “features and functions” matter – this matters to you not to your customer. They don’t care about features until they are well into the buying cycle. Throwing up a feature sheet is like handing someone your passport on a first date. This is factually correct but tells me nothing about how you will help me.

In tody’s online world, it has never been easier or faster to test this concept and make it happen. You have the tools, you need the context and you are off to the “website as lead generation tool” races.

Get started!