On this week’s episode of Women Talk Tech, our guest is Dr.Stefanie Chiras, the Vice President and General Manager of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Business at Red Hat.  Stefanie dives into the importance of mentorship, owning your choices, and diversity of thought in tech companies.

Stefanie joined Red Hat in 2018, a leading software company that provides open-source software to enterprises worldwide. In this podcast, Stefanie explores how Red Hat is focusing its resources on diversifying its workforce. She emphasizes the need for people with diverse journeys and backgrounds to have a seat at the tech industry table.

Her journey into the tech sector began at a young age, when she became familiar with her father’s tools as a child while working on cars together. It was not until high school, that a special physics teacher guided her into mechanical engineering with his unique teaching philosophies. Stefanie demonstrates a passion and commitment in engineering that allows her to see the world differently, a method she learned from this teacher. His mentorship encouraged Stefanie to push the limits in her education and career in tech.

It is upon each of us to make sure that we are like that physics teacher for the new person at the company. To encourage them to have their voice and reach for something they haven’t thought of yet. To believe in them before they necessarily believe in themselves – Dr. Stefanie Chiras

Throughout the podcast, Stefanie emphasizes one of Women Talk Tech’s central pillars for success –  Mentorship.  Stefanie credits much of her success to her mentors throughout her education. She outlines the need for students, especially female students to be pushed in the direction of achieving their goals.

Be sure to tune in, and in case you missed it, Women Talk Tech has launched a 2020 Action Plan Report. Download this report to help develop a program in your organization to advance women.

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Dr. Stefanie Chiras is the VP and GM of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) at Red Hat. She joined Red Hat in July 2018 and has worldwide business responsibility for the RHEL product line.

Before this role, she was at IBM for 17 years, holding a breadth of technical and later business roles within IBM Research as well as Systems Division.

Stefanie’s obtained a Ph.D., in Materials Science from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She also has Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Harvard University. After her undergrad at Harvard University, she briefly spent the summer working at NASA in their materials engineering program.

She currently lives in Massachusetts with her husband and 13-year-old daughter.