In this week’s Women Talk Tech episode, our guests are Caroline Wiley and Tina Finelli – they’re the founders of SeeWhatSheCanDo, an Aurora-based, women-owned technology start-up that helps women and girls find resources in their community to help them keep active and get involved in sports.

Sports tech for a kinder, more inclusive world

At SeeWhatSheCanDo, Caroline and Tina used technology to create a virtual neighbourhood where women can find each other to engage in active living. This platform also connects women to organizations that support their passion for active living, stories and sports coverage. The technology shines the spotlight on active women at the community, amateur and elite levels of more than 65 sports.

As passionate supporters of women in sport, together Caroline and Tina founded a platform that offers powerful business sport marketing services that build engagement, awareness and participation. In the episode we will discuss how SeeWhatSheCanDo invites women and organizations who share a passion for kinder, healthier communities to join together in one space.

SeeWhatSheCanDo’s mission 

Caroline and Tina both come from different but complementary backgrounds. Caroline Wiley has been dedicated to uncovering and addressing the unique needs of women and girls in sport for over 20 years. Tina Finelli is a marketing and branding consultant and seasoned entrepreneur who brings years of experience launching and rebranding businesses to the mix.

These creative thinkers and community builders met playing hockey. Both saw a gap in how the market was serving active women and made a decision to use technology to build a community that would make the world a better place. Their mission is to make lasting improvements on gender equality, inclusion, diversity and healthier communities.

Breaking down barriers for girls and women in sport

In this episode we discuss how women and girls face many barriers in the world of sport including lack of female sports media coverage and role models. 86% of sports fans are interested in women’s sports, and 35% of Canadian women participate in sport, yet only 4% media coverage focuses on women’s sports. Female-focused technology like SeeWhatSheCanDo addresses this multi-decade long challenge by amplifying women’s sports coverage, encouraging women and girls to get physically active and helping them understand that what they do counts.

Isolation, anxiety and social bullying are negative outcomes at the centre of debates around the impact of technology and social media. Connectedness is one of the main reasons people participate in sports, but if you’re not already in a sport, it can be challenging to access information or the community that surrounds it. Innovative technology platforms like SeeWhatSheCanDo can be used to lift up, celebrate and unite people around the transformative power of sport to build confidence, a sense of belonging, and authentic connections.

Investing in Sports Tech for Women Makes ‘Cents’

The historic underinvestment in sponsoring and covering women’s sport has meant that businesses have missed out on the opportunity to get their messages in front of active girls and women for years. Technology is increasingly driving connections and sport participation with 80 percent of women going online weekly to get their sports updates. More than half of Canadian women participate in sports, yet this engaged, growing audience is still largely underserved by the business community, despite making 80 percent of household purchase decisions. When it comes to business growth, active women are a major investment opportunity. Businesses that invest in active women make a direct impact on healthier communities. Studies show that active women also drive increased participation by their children (71% of the children of active women participate in sports, versus just 29% of children of inactive women).

Be sure to tune in, and in case you missed it, Women Talk Tech has launched a 2020 Action Plan Report. Download this report to help develop a program in your organization to advance women.

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About Caroline Wiley

Caroline Wiley has been dedicated to uncovering and addressing the unique needs of women and girls in sport for over 20 years. Caroline is a community builder and paradigm shifter who is fearlessly reinventing, building community and encouraging women to get physically active through the launch of in 2018. Prior to co-founding SeeWhatSheCanDo, Caroline spent her career helping organizations better deliver sport and recreation products and services to women and girls across North America. From managing a provincial sport organization to evaluating service models for an Ontario municipality, working in the corporate fitness and wellness industry and participating in community associations, Caroline has a holistic understanding of sport participation challenges and opportunities for improvement.

Caroline is a published author, with the results of her Master’s degree work published in Leisure Sciences research academic journal. Her research examined the relationship between gender and consumer behaviour in sport and was the spark that ignited her desire to solve challenges for women in sport. She lives in Aurora, ON is an avid golfer, ice hockey player, and a passionate sports photographer.

About Tina Finelli

Tina Finelli is a marketing and branding consultant and seasoned entrepreneur. She has worked with organizations including Rogers Communications, University of Toronto, Mount Sinai Hospital and Sheridan College in her 20-year career. As an avid athlete and volunteer with community sports organizations, Tina has seen first-hand how supporting and connecting female athletes can have a profound effect on people, families, and communities.

Tina’s personal passion for community and sport, combined with her business marketing expertise led her to partner with Caroline Wiley to create SeeWhatSheCanDo. In co-founding SeeWhatSheCanDo, Tina combines her strong business acumen and her passion for sports to blaze new paths for active women and shine the spotlight on all they can do. She lives in Aurora, ON and spends her free time CrossFitting, playing ice hockey, skiing and walking her dogs.