In this week’s episode of Women Talk Tech, we are joined by Jaime Chambron, CEO and Founder of Impact Oceans and the Career Agility System. With over 20 years of tech leadership experience, she has recently pivoted to focus on helping grow women in tech leadership and entrepreneurship, high growth tech companies, and youth.

In middle school, Jaime found herself to be an avid problem solver and was proficient in Math. In fact, she was considered a Mathlete throughout her middle school and high school careers. Jaime was first exposed to technology via a computer programming project that got her interested in a career in tech. She took her education into her own hands and started taking AP courses in programming, unlike most kids her age at the time. But Jaime’s career path shifted, as her self-motivated, self-starter attitude led her toward a path of entrepreneurship in tech.

“I pivoted early on, I didn’t stay a programmer for very long.” says Jaime, “we need to expose young professionals to the different paths one can take, and to help them discover what they’re strong at and how their strengths can drive them to their unique path in the tech industry.”

Jaime left programming and started Impact Oceans, realizing she wanted to be known for helping people and businesses “make a tidal wave, not a splash”. She also founded Career Agility System, to help individuals hone-in-on their talent, vision, purpose, and unique capabilities to share their story and understand lifelong approaches to stay tapped into market needs for a resilient career.

Jaime’s passion lies in uncovering more people like herself that can be role models for women in tech to look to that have experienced the same challenges in business and in life.

“To me, there’s more to unpack and discuss than just having a job and having a role model and having mentors,” says Jaime, “with tech, almost in overdrive right now, how can women and people pivot to these careers and bring unique skill sets in terms of communication styles, or different ways of thinking? It is back to the concept of having more diversity in the workforce; How do you make sure you have the female perspective on a team? Who is problem solving for the next great solution and understanding what customers are looking for? Where the markets going? you need different perspectives.”

As Jaime has worked through different tech companies over the last 20 years, she can identify the difference in the way women communicate in the ideas we generate, the energy and the enthusiasm we bring, and recognizes that companies need those different perspectives to make breakthroughs in technology and products. From a recruitment perspective, Jaime discusses her ideas for companies in how they can build an inclusive environment where women feel appreciated and respected, and foster mentorship programs within their companies to help female talent grow and navigate to their next role within the organization.

Co-Founder of the Alliance of Technology and Women in the early 2000’s, Jaime continues to play an active role in building, and fostering a great community of women in technology!

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