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On this week’s episode of Women Talk Tech, we are joined by Joanna Taccone. Joanna is currently the Director of Marketing at AcuityAds, a leading journey automation platform for omnichannel digital advertising. She has been with the company through much of its growth phase, including its up-listing to the TSX in 2019, and its recent launch of the innovative technology platform, illumin. 

After graduating from The Smith School of Business at Queen’s University in Canada with honors, Joanna started her career in marketing consulting, advancing to Research Manager during which time she worked on strategic advisory projects for some of the world’s largest brands. In 2012 she transitioned into digital, joining a startup team in Paris, France to grow the first ever mobile advertising network, that was eventually acquired by Dentsu-Aegis Network. Canadian-born, Joanna has lived in four different countries and is quadrilingual.

“I think everyone’s undergraduate career is a lot about finding their niche, and that actually happens naturally. You start to align yourself with certain thought categories that you feel good in. For me, this ended up being in the lines of statistics and marketing. I  had a huge international spin on my life as well when I did a year of my studies in Mexico […] between marketing, statistics, and international business, that led me to where my focus really was.”


Not for the faint of heart

Throughout her career, Joanna has garnered a reputation of being a “Start-Up Veteran”, but is the start-up industry for everyone? For Joanna, whether or not a career in start-ups is right for you depends on your overall career goals and your appetite for challenge. Put simply, working in the industry of start-ups is not for the faint of heart, but it certainly is rewarding.

“The start-up world really demands that you are quite resilient. I think there is invaluable experience that is gained by working with a start-up company. But there is always a risk of what is going to happen next […] If you are really looking for a challenge and you are quite confident I think the start-up world is the place for you.”

For Joanna, any young person, regardless of gender, has to be confident, adaptable, and eager to learn and explore in order to be well-suited for the industry of start-ups.


 Confidence is Key

Joanna’s biggest piece of advice for young women entering into the tech sector is to do your homework. Joanna advises that young women learn as much as they possibly can, and have confidence in themselves before entering into any kind of interview or professional space.

“For women in general today, but especially in the tech sector, there is no room for weakness or shyness. You have to speak up for yourself, and bring your thoughts to the table with confidence. The role is not an easy one, so you want to make it known that you will be able to meet any challenge you are presented with.”

Even well-established and experienced women in the field, such as Joanna, often have their abilities and skills questioned. For Joanna, confidence, knowledge, and presence are the keys to success in the tech sector.


Taking Action

If you want to learn more about what other pillars are essential in taking action to achieve gender parity in the tech sector, check out our Women Talk Tech Taking Action Plan.



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